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New Website!


Hi friends! It has been over a year since I posted to this blog, but I am still connecting to Andromeda, and our higher truths in many other ways. Wind (husband-dude) and I have joined up on a joint creation of our website, Please visit us there if you feel connected to my messages. LOVE to All, we are One:)


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Astrology for 2014- Bridging Heaven and Earth – The Kundalini Rising

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

I saw this posted on my blog in the comments section. I feel that this information is pertinent at this point in time and will explain a lot of the energies that are coming into planet Earth at this time.


If a storm is coming is it of any value to know about this in advance? Yes, most people would say: To take the necessary precautions and ride it off, instead of be taken by surprise.

In April 2014 we have a very significant and unusual pattern in the sky, which can be likened to – not a storm – but a high point of tension, out of which something will inevitably manifest. The whole month, and especially the days around the full moon on April 15th, a window of opportunity will be opened: If you gather your energy, clarify your intention and mobilize your whole being towards…

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Sanuk in Thailand

Last night I had my first channeling experience since leaving the US to travel – it was so long overdue! I have been feeling my guides “knocking at the door” and wanting to communicate and help, but all the moving around and lack of stability has (ironically) kept me from doing the one thing that can bring me deep, abiding peace: connecting to the higher rhealms through channeling.

Buddha in Chaing Rai, Thailand

To be honest, the past week has brought me to my knees emotionally; I’ve been feeling a pretty intense culture shock, while simultaneously being heavily critical of myself for not being able to cope. I didn’t want to admit to myself that all the small changes in my environment over the past month and a half of traveling, while beautiful, exotic, and full of the adventure that I have been desiring for SO long, were bringing up the feeling of being foreign everywhere I go on this earth (a feeling many starpeople work with in their lives). It was time for me to check in and gain clarity from those who know me best: my eternally loving guides.

During the channeling I connected to many guides at once, and felt Mary and Isis strongest. Mary began speaking with me as Isis held space and the information came through instantly and clearly. I had a number of questions that my husband had written down to ask me once I went into my meditative state, mainly about our travels up to this point and some specific recent experiences.

Question: How can I find peace?
Mary: Peace is within, always within, never an external thing. You can access it at anytime by becoming your true self. This world makes it seem tricky, but it’s not. Let it flow through you like a river. This river is always giving as it is connected to Source.

Q: What is in my way?
Mary: Your peace is conditional, always conditional. Open your heart.

I also asked about Thailand, why I am here and what am I to be learning here. Interestingly, I was shown that where I am is not terribly important, but that I can learn what is needed everywhere I go (this is a concept that my linear mind is still having a hard time grasping, but I am learning to trust). Predominately I am learning how to be with myself, to go within and be at peace. The wonderful thing that Thailand is offering me is the deep tradition of Buddhism, ever present in each small, quiet village or large, chaotic city. As Mary told me:

Thailand holds a special key for you. The waters of your soul can be refreshed.

I was then shown a golden Buddha with a clean blue river flowing down it and through it. This image came to me many times during the channeling, as a way to let my own energy flow through me, like a river of peace. (I find it so well timed that next week all of Thailand is celebrating Songkran, the Thai New Year and water festival, when the Buddhas and people ceremonially bathed in water. I’ll write more of that as we experience it.)

Sanuk is a word and a concept I am also learning from the Thai people. Literally, sanuk means happy/good feeling, but it is also a way of life that many Thais aim for. Relax, be calm, and no matter what you are doing, don’t get too worked up about it. Such an opposite of the western way of life, where busyness is seen as fulfilling.

Large reclining Buddha statue in Phayao, Thailand. The reclining Buddha image is symbolic of reaching nirvana.

Large reclining Buddha statue in Phayao, Thailand. The reclining Buddha image is symbolic of reaching nirvana.

I received much more information, really too much to write here; but today I feel very peaceful and grounded, and so grateful for the ability to connect with higher dimensional vibrations as I make my way through this life.

I wish all of you peace!

Love, Allison


New Direction

Wat in Chiang Saen, Thailand

Being in the New means going with the flow, and I have been getting this lesson in abundance over the past month and a half, as my husband and I set out once again (and this time indefinitely) to travel. Based on my recent experiences, I’ve decided to take this blog a slightly different direction for now and write more about our travels, creating a “spiritually-motivated travel blog”.  I still enjoy channeling, but I find value in also sharing the varied happenings that make up my life right now. I am growing so much as much comfort zone is challenged and expanded daily with new experiences, new customs, and new people.

I also hope to share tips and advice for other spiritually-minded travelers, and things that particularly sensitive or star people may encounter  while traveling; for example, how to protect your dream time while sleeping in dorms or others’ houses, or even where to find vegetarian food on a budget, how to get involved volunteering in different parts of the world, and other eco-friendly ideas.

I hope many will find value in the new things I’ll be sharing. If you have ideas, insights, or questions, please comment!

Love, Allison


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There is only One True Fight

It's a Miraculous Universe

What we love in another, is what we love within our Self.
What we hate in another, is what we hate within our Self.
If these are true, it must also be that what we fight in another is what we fight within our Self, even if it appears to be a good cause. A good cause for Self is not a good cause for the majority, yet it can bring many agreements from others, membership even.

Remember that we can fight anything we choose to, but the “good fight” is the one that promises to help our personal growth. If we are complacent to a cause, we are complacent to our Self. But we must know when we are we killing the same dragon over and over. A hero’s journey must end in Enlightenment, for their is no other Dragon larger than Self.

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